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Anonymous said: Hey it's better to not be in love at all then in love with someone who doesn't love you back 😭

I know, but I am so jealous of people who are happily in love and I’m here all miserable, all alone and generally giving up on absolutely everything, I hate it, I just want someone to make me feel special for a change, to take away all these horrible horrible voices that control my head, sigh


Karaoke Night | Photographer

All Black Everything | Mr. Goodlife | Instagram

when’s it my turn to fall in love, sigh


Azazzel - by: Katerina Brusnika

Aiguilles de Chamonix, France | Geir Braathen

Palm Beach Style Residence by Les Ensembliers // Bold Empire

Iris 12 weeks by Camilla Larsson

O N | T H E | R O C K S \ Lindsay Soppet

Anonymous said: In my eyes (and I'm sure in many others) you are very pretty. And have a lovely day and life as well you beautiful soul.

this is adorable, so so kind, thank-you! X


Ferraris (by Chase Thesing) (#FTA)

Lukksund juni -13 (by bjarne.stokke)